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At Pond Plants Direct we draw upon twenty years of combined experience in all aspects of aquatic horticulture, to bring you a collection of useful, down-to-earth information on how to maintain a healthy garden pond.

Green Water a Problem?

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Four Barley Straw Bales On Green Grass

10 Simple Tips For A Healthy Pond

1. Don’t expose your pond to uninterrupted sunlight or to complete shade.

2. Deep ponds heat up less quickly, so they’re less likely to have problems in the summer. A pond with only plants and vegetation in it should measure at least 40 - 50 cm from the pond bed to the surface. A fish pond will need 80 - 90 cm.

3. Ponds thrive better in a remote part of the garden that remains quiet and undisturbed.

4. Make sure your pond is accessible from several directions.

5. Avoid steep banks. Plants and wildlife prefer gentle slopes or shelved margins.

6. The bare edges of a pond liners or preformed ponds look unsightly. Use plants that grow rapidly to disguise these areas.

7. Keep algae at bay by installing plenty of floating and underwater plants, which deprive them of nutrients and light.

8. Treat algae with permitted chemicals only as a last resort.

9. Don’t overload it with plants: keep at least a third of the water surface free.

10. Continuous spray from fountains isn’t good for some plants - Water lilies in particular. So keep fountains well away from such plants.

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